(Human Stratified Tissue Equivalent)


(CAT# TR-CT)-Frozen Use Cases: For invitro exploratory validations in cosmetic testing.

According to PETA, between 100,000-200,000 animals-including rabbits , guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice -suffer and die in the name of beauty every year around the world. while the European Union banned the testing of cosmetic products on animals  in 1998 and banned the sale of cosmetics whose ingredients had been tested on animals in 2013, only four states in the USA have passed laws that ban animal testing (California , New Jersy , New York and Virginia).with this ban, it makes sense to test ( both exploratory and regulatory ) beauty products on human skin , equivalents where the result will be out in week’s time that would reduce the costs involved significantly.

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Features & Benefits :

1.  Processed Stratified Tissue model (Human sourced) prepared from biological discards.

2.Available in abundance  and not donor  dependent

3.Most suited for testing cosmetics with read outs for both  exploratory and regulatory submissions

4. Easy to handle; Sterile to culture and test

Test Material Hazard Testing Application Notes

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