(CAT# TR-TT)-Frozen Use Cases: Cryofrozen ; Eligible for Primary Cancer Cells  harvest ; to develop patient derived xenografts(PDX). What  is PDX ?                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Tumor tissue that has been sourced (biopsy or surgically removed) from a cancer patient  and implanted into  mice for research purposes. Cancer drugs , chemical   libraries , Investigational New Drug Candidates can be tested on xenografts  to evaluate the efficiency before they are trialed in clinics as part of  the drug   discovery and development in Oncology. Patient-derived  Xenografts  generated from human tumor,    combined  with whole   genome expression  , gene copy number,  and    sequencing analyses support   the development of novel therapies for gynecologic  malignancies. we have   surgically  excised (to be discarded )  sterile, processed  human tumor tissues  repository for primary cells and PDX generation.

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