Adopts NeuroSAFE To Undertake Potency Testing of Anti-venom Products

NeuroSAFE, the recently launched ground-breaking Testing Platform has been adopted by ViNS Bioproducts to undertake potency testing of anti-venoms and this will be a revolutionary next generation cruelty free operation.

Hyderabad, 15th April 2022: A Business contract was signed between Transcell Oncologics and ViNS Bioproducts to adopt NeuroSAFE to undertake potency testing of anti-venoms and this will be a revolutionary next generation cruelty free operation.

Venoms are known to be complex mixtures of biologically active molecules that can impact multiple human physiological systems. Envenomation of humans is treated by administration of anti-venoms derived from animals immunized with one or combination of venom types composed of broad array of toxic components.

Due to the complex biological nature of venoms, the potency of both venoms and anti-venoms is traditionally tested in small animals, as recommended by the WHO. Sacrificing small animals for venom and anti-venom potency measurements batch-wise is one of the most deliberated topics of cruelty caused, encouraging the manufacturers to apply the ‘3Rs’—replacement, reduction, and refinement in animal use. Ethical guidelines limit the testing, resulting in inconclusive test results which often do not meet the industry requirements.

NeuroSAFE is a cruelty free workstation solution that combines human induced pluripotent stem cell technology and modern robotic process automation as a dependable resolution to the anti-venom Industry to go cruelty free in their practice.

VINS Bioproducts, a leading biotech company based in Hyderabad manufactures equine based Immunoglobulins to treat snake bites, dog bites, scorpion bites, diphtheria, tetanus, and gas gangrene, supplying its products to over 90 countries with various accreditations from worldwide regulators, has adopted NeuroSAFE in its workflow. This is being seen as a path breaking development and will be a trendsetter for adoption of cruelty free testing practices going forward.

NeuroSAFE is built on configured in vitro human cellular platform that can hold scale, throughput by being phenotypically responsive and genotypically reactive. We envisage NeuroSAFE to be a disruptive testing strategy delivering accurate digital scores like ED50 and LD50 on human specific Neurotoxicity, Neurovirulence like read out patterns in the most humane method – A much needed in reducing cruelty to animals” said Dr Subhadra Dravida, Founder and CEO, Transcell Oncologics.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement, Siddharth Daga, CEO and Promoter, ViNS Bioproducts, said “For decades, the industry and the concerned authorities have been looking at cruelty-free testing solutions. So, when NeuroSAFE was presented as a thoroughly researched cruelty free workstation solution supporting potency measurements that requires no additional infrastructure, we added it to our practice for seamless integration in our production workflow. I am very pleased with the value proposition.”

About ViNS Bioproducts Limited

VINS Bioproducts Limited, established in 1997, is a leading immunological firm, actively involved in developing life-saving antisera against snake and scorpion bites; tetanus, diphtheria, gangrene antitoxins; and rabies immunoglobulins. VINS Bioproducts Limited has 2 manufacturing facilities, spread over 12 acres, along with a 150-acre equine farm, which strictly adheres to CPCSEA norms, and an animal laboratory. Manned by experienced professionals, these facilities conform to international production standards and stringent quality controls.

It supplies to international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). It is also recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) under the aegis of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

About Transcell Oncologics’ dedicated vertical TRANSTOXBIO with human cell/tissue based microphysiological systems

TRANSTOXBIO is a Science Exchange registered vertical of Transcell Oncologics. The residing configured application ready human surrogate in vitro primary and progenitor cell, tissue validated microphysiological systems are utilized as real time platform technology supporting pharma and biopharmaceutical discovery and development processes. These real time platforms in combination with modern robotic process automation technology impregnated with AI and ML tools have augmented bandwidth to offer Safety and Efficacy Testing as a Solution to the global pharma and biopharma industry – Vision of TRANSTOXBIO. The keen mission of this vertical is to offer alternatives to animal testing strategies as New Approach Methodologies aligning with Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) and FDA guidance to improve regulatory efficiency as well as potentially support 3Rs in animal usage. Transcell Oncologics and Wipro have collaborated to offer vaccine testing strategy in the place of monkey neurovirulence test to deliver safe global immunization programs protecting healthy human population.

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