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FDA no longer needs to require animal tests before human drug trials, We are an international end user assessed ethically compliant and technically competent HBS provider through Science Exchange platform

Human surrogate in vitro systems are non-animal platforms for basic and applied preclinical research, clinical trials, manufacturing stages of discovery and development of drug, cosmetics, vaccine candidates. Pluripotent stem cells or primary cancer cells have the human genome background as their originating donor species, while the readouts from various assays are predictive of the human cellular system. This is a vital feature, and is an advancement over the transformed cell lines or animal species as the testing systems. Their phenotype, genotype and functionality can be configured, defined and quality controlled for a desired application ranging between screening chemical library stage till quality tests performed during batch wise production of the developed drug or cosmetics or vaccine for real time applications. Because these systems can be produced in large scale, reproduce the human cellular, molecular and biochemical context, are predictive of effects on human biology, and lend themselves to automated procedures (such as HTS), to existing laboratory and industrial workflows, they have begun to take on great value. The various biochemical, physiological, toxicological, and safety related variables exhibited by hits or lead candidates can be examined in detail in these systems, at the desired throughput and scale. They are as effective as the current models in practice for several purposes, and are also consistent and inexpensive to integrate. Transcell proudly offers a variety of advanced in vitro human surrogate systems/ platforms in customized configurations, including induced pluripotent cells, primary cells, and tumor tissue based for the intended testing purposes.
The following are the features and advantages of human Microphysiological Systems (hMPS) integration in to discovery, developmental stages of the specified industry:
✔ Ethically Immuned Sources to produce human surrogate systems in the labs
✔ Cell Based Platforms Mimicking Human physiology/milieu
✔ Composed of human adult progenitor cells
✔ Can be configured and customized in units to use as screens
✔ Can be maintained in sterile conditions
✔ Can be cryopreserved till use
✔ Can be shipped anywhere in the world
✔ Phenotypically responsive, Genotypically reactive, Functionally viable
✔ Have the capability to become Human neurons in the labs
✔ Have the capability to generate Vaccine candidate’s Neurovirulence and Cytokine storm related read outs
✔ Requires no heavy infrastructure to integrate the systems

Digital Animal Replacement Technology (DART); Digital Animal Free Testing (DiAFT)

Digital Animal Replacement Technology (DART) and Digital Animal Free Testing (DiAFT) strategy leverages human surrogate in vitro systems; hMPS and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) tools industrialized as modular assays to test predict safety risks or efficacy concerns of pharma, biopharmaceuticals. Through DART and DiAFT offered as Workstation Solutions and driven by RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Artificial Intelligence, a proprietary workflow engine, and operations management systems, Organizations involved in research and production can utilize intelligent automation technologies that apply deep-learning neural network algorithms to generate highly accurate readings of: a) potential adverse effects, safety risks b) efficacy, potency like measurements.

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Catalogue Name : CarcinogenSAFECell Type/ Tissue: Transchymal-UC


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Catalogue Name : CardioSIGHTSolution Type: DART


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Catalogue Name : HeMOToXSolution Type: DART


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Catalogue Name : HepatoSIGHTSolution Type: DART


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Catalogue Name : ImmunoTOXSolution Type: DART


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Catalogue Name : NeurASSURESolution Type: DART

SkinIR System

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Catalogue Name : SkinIR SystemSolution Type: DART

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Monocytes, Frozen

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Catalogue Name : Trans-HSC-CB-MNCCell Type/ Tissue: Mononuclear cellsSpecies: HumanCell and Tissue Source: Peripheral BloodDonor (health) Status: Normal/ HealthyPurity: ≥ 92 %Available Options
  • Unit #1:  15 Million frozen Cells
  • Unit #2:  50 Million frozen Cells
  • Unit #3:  100 Million frozen Cells

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